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Ho Chien


Ho Chien is a manufactuer of connectors and other related
componenets serving the electronics industry. Our business is focused to provide the
highest quality of parts with the minimal increase in cost. We pay close attention to quality
managements in every level of operation and are dedicated to quality and excellence in providing
new ideas, solutions, and alternatives.

Ho Chien has reached global recognition and success. Our products are distributed in many
parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. We are a company mixed with experience
and young talent combining traditional and cutting edge ideas.

Looking towards the future, Ho Chien is strategically positioned for growth and expansion.
We will continue our standard of quality and excellence by maintaining awareness of new
developments and needs of the industry, as well as needs of emerging industries. As new
technologies and ideas are demanded, we look to develop new solutions to fill the needs of
those ideas.